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Pricing right from the start is crucial!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015   /   by Paul Koerwitz

Pricing right from the start is crucial!


Here is another one of the Top 10 Mistakes Made by Sellers When Choosing a Realtor: Choosing A Realtor Because They Suggest The Highest Price

Pricing a home right from the start is critical. The price a home enters the market at will often determine if a home sells or not. Choosing a Realtor because they suggest the highest price is a common mistake made by home sellers. Before you choose the Realtor who suggests the highest price, you need to know how they have determined their price recommendation.

There are many different pricing mechanisms for real estate. Ask the Realtor who suggests the highest price how they came up with that price. Ask them if they performed a comparative market analysis, also known as, a CMA. It’s important not only that your home is priced right to attract potential buyers, but also to make sure there are no issues in the future with a bank being able to substantiate the value during their appraisal.

Courtesy of Lori L. Saucier, Cross Country Mortgage