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How We Sell your Expired Home!

Did enough buyers see your home?

Did you receive effective feedback about the home?

Did you receive an acceptable offer?

Did your home sell?


If the answer to these is no, then we need to talk.  Don't buy into the myth that "the market is bad".  Most likely your home did not get the exposure it needed in the market.  This is a critical time, as your home has languished on the market.  The sale now needs to be handled expertly, otherwise your property runs the risk of being viewed as "stale" in the marketplace.  Don't run the risk of having that happen.  I’ve sold many “expired” listings in my time and I know I can sell yours because I have a multi-faceted marketing strategy for giving it all the appeal of a brand new listing. 

What We Do

Our time-tested, multi-tiered approach to selling real estate aggressively creates a market for your home instead of waiting for the market to find your home.  We engage our database of active buyers  and make sure they are aware of your home on the market. We use cutting-edge techniques, target marketing and prospecting tools so reach buyers for your home.  Once we meet at your home, I’m sure you’ll decide our thorough marketing program will realize the most value possible out of your house as quick as possible.


What’s Your Biggest Fear When Listing Your Home with a Realtor?

If you’re like most sellers, you worry about being locked into a lengthy listing agreement with a less-than-competent real estate agent, costing your home valuable time and exposure on the market. Our ONE DAY LISTING GUARANTEE allows either of us to walk away at any time if we are unable to work together. We do not lock you into a long-term contract.  We must work to earn your business every day.    


How do we end the agreement?

If you are not completely satisfied with my services and marketing techniques, call up and let us know it is not working out! You sign a listing contract for only one day at a time! That means if you don’t think that working with me and my sales team is best way to get your home sold quickly, just let us know.  When you sell your home with us, you can cancel your listing at any time. No hassles, no worries. It’s simple.


How can you be so confident?

We have a strong opinion about real estate service and we wake up every day knowing we need to earn your business.  That is a scary thought.  So we strive to provide the highest level of customer service available.   Obviously, we must feel confident in our services to offer this guarantee.  Our office simply does not settle for anything less than the highest professional standards, as we feel YOU DESERVE NOTHING LESS! 


How do we get started?

Please email or call me at your earliest convenience and I’ll show you how we'll get your expired home sold fast!  

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